3G Mini GPS tracker

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A-GPS 5m tracking nauwkeurigheid || 1000mAh Li-ion ingebouwde oplaadbare batterij || Stand-by 180 uur || Mini size || Waterdicht || Ondersteun 3G netwerk || Geen abonnement​

Location Service
Location based service named AGPS, when tracker in underground or tunnel ,can get location by AGPS.
Real time tracking
Real time tracking by cell phone and platform. 
Check the history of route on platform
Check and replay within one day history of route with phone APP. 
Check and replay within one year history of route with web platform.
Monitoring and communication
Can hear the voice around the tracker by cell phone.
SOS Alarm
SOS button ,when user have emergency , press the SOS button ,the tracker will send "help me" SMS to all authorized phone number.
Power Saving Mode
The device goes to standby mode when there isn’t vibration for 3 minutes , it will go back in operation when it feels vibration
Google/Apple map on mobile​
Check the location with Google/Apple map on mobile.
Geofence and movement alert
Set up a geo-fence for the unit to restrict its movements within a certain region,unit will send out a alert message when it breakes the rule.
Overspeed alert
Set up the speed limit, and will get the alert when overspeed.
Low Battery Alarm
Will send out a message when the battery level is below 30%. 
Power saving mode
3 different modes, power saving mode makes longer battery,tracking mode will have more tracking location but takes more power, the last one is normal mode which is in between.


1 x GPS Tracker
1 x USB Data Cable
1 x screwdriver (for sim-card intallation)
1 x User manual (English)


Free APP for and iPhone& Android plus Web platform.

Platform Checking web: 2.tkstargps.net/ 

Demo account:888





E-Guards reviews: The most charming point of this product is the size. It is mini so it can be used for big pet, for person, for car, for belongings, for keys etc. But acutally it is a pity that it is not waterproof, since the usb connection part is covered with a plastic lip which is not tight so the water can get in there.


Specificatie Omschrijving
Location tracking GPS+AGPS
GPS gevoeligheid -159dBm
GPS nauwkeurigheid 5m
Weight 50g
Afmetingen 50mm x 50mm x 18mm
Kleur Black
Netwerk band WCDMA/GSM/GPRS 850M/900/1800/1900/2100Mhz (up to 3G)
Simcard type Normal SIM
Time nauwkeurigheid Synchronous with GPS
Physical buttons POWER ON_OFF,SOS button
Time to start Cold status 45s; Warm status 35s; Hot status 1s.
Operatie temperature -20°C to +55°C
Waterdicht IPX67
Build in battery 1000mAh Li-ion battery
Standby time 180h
Charging device USB
Webplatform Yes
Smart phone App Andoid and iOS
Maps Google Map or Apple Map
Warranty 1 year
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