Solar GPS tracker

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€ 99,95 (inclusief btw)

GPS 10-15m tracking nauwkeurigheid || 1500mAh Li-ion ingebouwde oplaadbare batterij || standby 7 dagen || Solar opladen || Waterdicht || WIFI || LED-verlichting || Geen abonnement​

Tracking service
LBS+GPS+AGPS+WIFI. If Google WIFI location data is available, it also can help to increase the accruracy when inside a building.
Real time tracking
Show the latest time location of the device, click flash bottom to get new location.
Historical route
Display the historical route in certain period of the device,you can check any one day of 90 days historical route.
Monitoring and communication
Can hear the voice around the tracker by cell phone. Two way communication.
SOS emergency call
When press the S button, the device will call the SOS numbers in 2 turn unit you answer.
Power Saving Mode
Quick positioning:data uploaded 30 seconds;default mode:data uploaded every 10 minutes;power-saving mode:data upload every 1 hour.
Set up a geo-fence for the unit to restrict its movements within a certain region,unit will send out a alert message when it breakes the rule.
Set 2 WiFi safe zones,when wearer leave safe WiFi zones,the App will alert you.
Anti-remove alarm
It will send alarm message to the master phone number when the device was removed
Low Battery Alarm
Will send out a message when the battery level is below 20%. 
LED lights
Open/close the bottom LED light, easy to find the cow/sheep
Remote reboot and remote power-off.


1 x GPS Tracker
1 x USB cable with splint charger
1 x Screw driver
1 x User manual (English)
0 x Pet colar (not included)


Platform :
Demo account: 888
Search “Anytracking“ in the Apple App Store/Google Play Store



Specificatie Omschrijving
Location tracking LBS+GPS+WIFI
GPS chip MTK
GPS gevoeligheid tracking:-159dBm;searching:-143dBm
GPS nauwkeurigheid 10-15m
Weight 73g
Afmetingen 6.5*5.5*1.7cm
Netwerk band GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Simcard type Micro SIM
Time to start Hot start 5 Sec (open sky) Warm start 29 Sec (open sky) Cold start 30 Sec (open sky)
Operatie temperature -20℃ to +70℃
Waterdicht IPX66
Build in battery 1500mAh
Standby time 7 days
Charging device USB and Solar
Smart phone App Android and iOS (Anytracking)
Maps Google Maps or Apple Maps
Warranty 1 year
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