Why I need a SIM card for GPS tracker? 

A GPS Tracker consists of a GPS (Global Positioning System) module, a processor unit and a GSM module. The GPS module receives signals from the satellite which are converted into position coordinates, and then the mobile communication system ensures that these are sent via the mobile network. In this way, the exact location can be found. Some GPS trackers can also send an audio message, or monitoring voice and two-way communication. The SIM card is what allow all these to happen. So a SIM card is mandatory to have. 

Which kind of mobile SIM card do I need? 

Most of our GPS trackers states the network bands as GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz, this means a 2G/2.5G SIM card is supported. GSM means Global System for Mobile Communications which is commond called 2.0G. GPRS means General Packet Radio Service which is commonly called 2.5G. There are also GPS trackers which can support 3G network, but 2.5G is good enough since the data rate 115Kbps is fast enough for all the functions. We do not suggest to use a simcard which only support 2.0G network since the data rate is just 9Kbps. 

To make it short, if the SIM card can support at least 2.5G network, theoritically it can be used. 

For examples in Netherlands, you can use following prepaid card (information in 2016):

Simyo:        Calling: € 0.10 | SMS: € 0.10 | MB: € 0.03

KPN:           Calling: € 0.30 | SMS: € 0.16 | MB: € 0.02

Vodafone:    Calling: € 0.20 | SMS: € 0.15 | MB: € 0.01

DekaMobiel: Calling: € 0.13 | SMS: € 0.05 | MB: € 0.024

Has a GPS Tracker additional costs?

The running costs of a GPS Trackers are independent of the frequencies of using of the tracker since it will the SMS, calling minutes or internet data are not free.

The following costs may be incurred for you to have a GPS Tracker: equipment acquisition; mobile cost as mentioend above; the tracking portal which acts as a server and is normally paid monthly or yearly (in our case, this is FREE!).

GPS vs AGPS, what are the differences?

GPS devices determine location information by directly communicating with satellites moving around the earth. AGPS devices determine location information from network stations(BTS/NodeB/eNodeB) based on GSM,CDMA or LTE technology employed in the mobile terminal. Base station systems in the A-GPS technology in turn communicate with satellite and keep the information ready and provide the information to the mobile terminals upon request.

As GPS devices are communicating with satellite, it can get information only under clear sky conditions and when satellite is reachable without any interference. Due to this it is slower in responding the requested service. While A-GPS devices are communicating with network stations,it gets information even in cloudy atmosphere and worst network conditions,but it will have problem when network is not reachable. Under this conditions AGPS devices fall back to GPS feature if available to provide location information as per user request. A-GPS devices are faster as it need not have to go to satellite for information.

To make short, APGS gives more accruate location, and faster response.

How to set the device connected to the server ?

Every sim card carrier has own APN content, there are two methods to find out apn content : check sim card carrier on internet or put sim card into cell phone to find check APN
Two steps to set apn:
1), Turn on gprs function by sending command “gprs123456”
2),Set apn by sending command “apn123456 content” , “apnuser123456 content” ,”apnpassword123456 content” , pls note the content come from sim card carrier , there are small blank after 123456 in very command.

Why dose GPS tracker turn off automaticly ?

The GPS tracker by default after wroking some time (5 minutes for some GPS trackers) will turn of GPRS and GPS and go to sleep mode for saving battery. Call the tracker or send any SMS to wake device up, and tracker will wake up to work for 5 five minutes, then go to sleep mode again.
There are three working modes on trackers:
1. Sleeping mode by time: by sending command “sleep123456 time”
The device fall into sleep after 5 minutes working
This mode is also factory setting mode, you can wake it up by calling device. If you want realtime tracking with no sleep, turn off this function by sending command “sleep123456 off” 
2.Wake up by shock mode
Sending command “sleep123456 shock” to get into this mode.
3. Real live tracking mode
Sending command” sleep123456 off” to get into this mode. 

Why does the device show wrong position?

No GPS signal, but the device can get LBS location. Try to put the device near the window or outside to get GPS signal. Most time you will see the blue light (fro GPS) is solid on, the green light (for GPRS) is flashing.

Why does the device can’t be on line ?

1) APN setting is wrong
2) GPRS is off ( the green light is off or solid on )
3) IP and port was changed by somebody (contact us)

Why send SMS to device, but no response?

Follow below steps to check
1) Be sure SIM card is a GSM/GPRS card, (as device works based on GSM/GPRS net work.)
2) Call the device, if it says busy, means device is reading card and working. If it says device is power off or out of service,  it means SIM card does not insert correct ,device does not read card, need to take out sim card and re-insert and turn on the device. 
3) Be sure when put the SIM card, the device is off, after then turn on device --SHOULD BE THIS ORDER (if turn on device first ,then put sim card, need to restart device)

First of all, need to check if device has read card or not. If device does not read card, it will not reply any SMS.



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