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E-gurads means the electronical guarding products for your safety, your belongings, your family and your healthy. E-guards is operated by Eurpime International which is a worldwide trading company.  BUT we are beyond the scope of "trading". We do pre-trading, post-trading, tailored trading and wholesale trading.

Pre-trading: We have special criterias when selecting the products: good reputation, good quality, moreover positive customer feedbacks! Our employees/customers will try the product for a while and present the reasons to you regarding to buy it or NOT to buy it. It is hard to have something which satisfy you 100%, but we would like to be helpful during your shopping. 

Post-trading: We provide technical supports after sale with the help of engineers from OEMs. Contact us anytime for any questions, and we aim to help you master all the functions and have the best experiences with the product.  

Tailored trading: You know what you want, but even Google can not help you to find it on market? Then try to tell us what you want. Our nextwork is extended to many OEMs, one of them might tailor one upon your requirements.   

Wholesale trading: Since wide contact and good relationship with OEMs, we also provide wholesale trade or small/medium qunantity trade service than retail. If you are interested, please send us your request to info@e-guards.com. Any questions are also welcome!  



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